Homestead Exemption

It's Time to File for the Homestead Exemption!
     As you're probably aware, the New Year means it's time to remind any of your clients that bought in the last year that it's time to file for the Homestead Exemption!

     As a reminder, a homestead exemption is a legal provision that helps reduce the amount of property taxes you pay on your new home—i.e., it saves you money.

     Remember that the deadline for filing for the Homestead Exemption is April 1, 2023.   Once you have successfully filed for the exemption, you will not have to do it again until the property changes ownership.
     Here are some of the types of documentation you may need to properly file for the exemption, but note, it can vary by county.
  • Georgia Driver's License or valid Georgia identification
  • Social Security Number (including spouse's)
  • Car registration for all vehicles owned in county being filed in
  • Settlement Statement from closing
  • Recorded Deed from closing

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